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Art Masterpiece

New Vistas has recently adopted the Art Masterpiece Program as part of our specials curriculum. Each month, an artist is introduced through a biographical account of his or her life and accomplishments in the world of art. After the students have viewed samples of the artists' work, a creative art activity is prepared for them so that they might have a hands on experience with the art form. As the students create 'their own masterpiece', we then review and discuss a number of important concepts associated with the art form, including the vocabulary words that best express that particular master's view of the world. As this curriculum progresses, it is customary for the students to become comfortable with the use of such terms as abstract, collage, fresco, medium and perspective, to name a few, as part of their growing vocabulary. The students are also exposed to a variety of media as they grow in their own artistic expression.



We believe that computer skills are an important part of today's student curriculum which is why students from Kindergarten through 6th Grade enjoy Computer Class. While in the Computer Lab, our younger students learn Windows navigational skills, typing skills, and Microsoft Office Applications. As their knowledge of computer basics grows, they begin with the basics of coding using These basic coding skills lead into AV3 robotics and scratch coding during the intermediate grades. 


Foreign Language


New Vistas is pleased to have Spanish as part of our school language curriculum for students in Preschool through Sixth grade. Our younger students learn to understand and use greetings, polite forms of address, identify colors and shapes, tell time, dates and the days of the week, discuss weather and describe the seasons, name family members, identify many foods, drinks, and utensils, name simple household chores, verbalize common classroom expressions and identify animals. Through grammar and writing skills, students will learn: definite articles, indefinite articles, adjectives and possessive adjectives. The upper classes are learning basic sentence structures with a specific method used by Spanish education. They learn common nouns and verbs that usually come from them in a controlled and planned structured manner. Throughout the curriculum we include not only singular and plural, but the respective conjugations as well. Students also learn how to tell where things and people are, and how to point and find them, as well as how to say the numbers and even do some basic addition and subtraction. The Spanish language is a beautiful one and very prominent in the western United States.

Mandarin Chinese

We are also happy to announce the introduction of Mandarin Chinese as part of our regular curriculum taught by Mrs. Cindy Cao.   Mandarin classes will be offered to our 4th, 5th and 6th graders.  Our 4th graders will have Mandarin once a week while Mrs. Cao will be with the the 5th and 6th graders twice a week.  These classes will focus on math language.


Latin curriculum is one component of our English studies that also includes grammar, literature and writing. We teach "Latin" as a vocabulary component that focuses on the study of prefixes, suffixes and word roots and stems. This study of words takes students back to the original etymologies and assists them in understanding word construction. Students subsequently build a more advanced vocabulary and are able to deconstruct words in all subject areas across the curriculum. This advanced word study analyzes word uses in classic literature, writing and historical contexts.



The main objective of the music program at New Vistas is to teach the love and enjoyment of music to every child. Our program focuses on the main musical elements throughout every grade level. These include melody, rhythm, form, harmony and tone. Research indicates that education in the arts provides significant cognitive benefits and enhances academic achievement beginning at an early age and continuing throughout school.We believe one of the most exciting aspects of music is being able to perform. To support this, we have students present a special music programs at the end of each school year. It is our hope that each student creates a lifelong appreciation for the Arts.



The Robotics class at NVCE provides 4th and 6th Grade students the opportunity to practice and integrate the mechanical and programming design elements in the LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Programs. Students will learn how to use the EV3 programming language, which was developed specifically for the robots that are used with these kits. Much of the instruction in this class will be presented in the form of challenges. Students will learn to problem-solve using incremental steps, and self-testing as they proceed. Additionally, students will construct robots that are capable of using sensors such as sound and ultrasonic distance detectors to respond to environmental stimuli. 



5th and 6th Grade students at NVCE will learn to program computers using Scratch. This is a visual programming language developed by the Media Lab at MIT targeting elementary, middle school and high school students. It consists of graphical coding blocks that students arrange in sequences, to create their computer programs. The shapes and colors of these coding blocks are designed so that they fit together logically and syntactically which allows students to grasp the basics more quickly. As the school year progresses, they will gradually assume more responsibility for the design of the programs they are working on. Students will develop problem-solving skills to be used inside and outside the classroom, and they will learn to persevere incrementally in the face of a large task or challenge. 


National History Day

ALl 5th and 6th Grade will be participating in the school showcase. Thursday jan 31st is date of school competition. STudents who choose to complete beyong the school competition


Physical Education

New Vistas has two P.E. curriculums, conducting a separate program for the preschool through 1st grade students, and another program for the 2nd through 6th graders. The younger program is intended to increase students range of manipulative skills - motor skills that involve the use of equipment, such as catching, throwing, kicking, striking, jumping rope and bouncing a ball. They continue to refine motor skills like running, skipping, hopping and jumping in moving their body from one location to another. Through the use of sharing equipment and working cooperatively in pairs and small groups they continue to develop a variety of motor skills and the ability to create a teamwork skill set. Our 2nd through 6th graders further develop and refine motor and manipulative skills in a range of dynamic situations. They will consider the application of skills in more complex drills, sequences of movement, games and modified sports. Students will learn how muscular strength and endurance, cardio-respiratory fitness, body growth and flexibility are influenced by physical activity.


Science Lab

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

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3rd Grade - 6th Grade

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Lemonade Lane

New Vistas Center for Education's extended curriculum program is known as “Lemonade Lane!” What is Lemonade Lane?

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