About New Vistas: A Message From Our Directors

A Message From Eleanor Jordan: Director Emeritus

A Message From Carol Elias: Director

New Vistas Center For Education

Welcome to New Vistas Center for Education, educating students from preschool through sixth grade. The differences between standard paradigms of educational institutions and what we offer at New Vistas can be found in graduate testimonials over our 40 year history. But this does not answer the "why" of our success. New Vistas' founders have contributed years of research and plugged in hard data about what works to graduate students who are equipped to found companies, who believe that learning has no ceiling, and who contribute answers to our country's and the world's most perplexing questions. To the best of our knowledge, what we do here is unlike any other school in the Phoenix Valley and possibly the country. What makes us different?


First, reading is a priority. We offer a structured, learning-based preschool where children from 2-4 years old learn to read - and learn to read well. But, our emphasis on reading proficiency doesn't end there. Every child, no matter the grade, has their own individual reading coach who meets with them one-on-one at least three times every week.


Second, imagine an individually designed math curriculum that begins in preschool and culminates in fifth and sixth graders successfully mastering beginning algebra and even geometry. Our 1:4 student ratio allows for that kind of progress.

Third, our testing program, directed by Kristi Roher, enables us to move children ahead as soon as they have demonstrated proficiency in any course of study, all the while staying with their appropriate age group. The majority of our students test 2-6 years ahead of grade level.

Fourth, we celebrate each child's individual gifts by encouraging innovation and creativity. Our graduates become scholars at Ivy League schools, musicians at Juilliard, engineers at high tech companies and government leaders.

Fifth, we have formed an innovative non-profit institute, The Eleanor A. Jordan Academic Assessment and Instructional Services Institute (EAJ Institute). The non-profit arm fosters gifted special interest programs offers PSAT & SAT Preparation classes, makes available K-12 tutoring programs, and designs and offers unique summer schools studies.

Interested in learning more?   Call or email us today to schedule an appointment for you and your child to tour our facilities and meet our talented staff.

Email: office@newvistasaz.com

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670 North Arizona Avenue, Suite 35, Chandler, AZ 85225