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Co-Directors Carol Elias and Kristi Roher

Co-Directors: Carol Elias and Kristi Roher

A Message From Our Directors

New Vistas Center For Education

Welcome to New Vistas Center for Education, educating students from preschool through sixth grade. The differences between standard paradigms of educational institutions and what we offer at New Vistas can be found in graduate testimonials over our 40 year history. But this does not answer the "why" of our success. New Vistas' founders have contributed years of research and plugged in hard data about what works to graduate students who are equipped to found companies, who believe that learning has no ceiling, and who contribute answers to our country's and the world's most perplexing questions. To the best of our knowledge, what we do here is unlike any other school in the Phoenix Valley and possibly the country. What makes us different?

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Individual Home Reading Program
  • Highly skilled personal coaches meet three times weekly with ALL students, Preschool-6th Grade.

  • With the personalized approach, students are able to move at their own pace.

Assessment and Advancement
  • Preschool and PreK assessment for purposes of identifying baselines for growth.

  • Assessment twice yearly, K-6

  • Data driven instructional plans, levels and advancement.

  • Comprehensive, consistent communication with all families regarding student

  • achievement on nationally recognized curriculum at all levels.

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Supportive Learning Environment
  • Positive classroom and campus environment with aides, specials teachers, and co-teachers providing a high level of expertise and involvement for all families.

Self Awareness and Character Development
  • Development of personal awareness of 'how we learn' and direct instruction in character develop through yearly school-wide themes.

  • Ongoing support for the development of organizational skills, efficient study habits, and positive work ethic.

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