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Tech Support

We offer simple tech support for our website, and navigating and trouble-shooting those areas such as Google Classroom and school related technology.

For webcams, internet connections, computer functions, we do not offer help with those.

To sign-up for tech support please click on the link below.

How do I sign in to Google Classroom?

* Please remember to use the student email address provided by the school to login.

Uploading Student Work for the Classroom

* Please remember to use the student email address provided by the school to upload.

Tech Check for Students & Teachers

Internet Safety Information for Parents

Geared for safety in many different areas. This link is designed for parents with teens and their use of the internet and electronics. 

Educational content provides information on how to be safe and respectful on the internet. Geared for children.

Outlines ways to be proactive in working with their children using online activity and the internet. 

Internet safety practices and help for parents.

Covers a wide range of ages, designed to help parents get information across about the importance of internet safety.

A variety of internet, electronic, and overall common-sense education designed for parents, teachers, and childern.

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