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Third Grade


Third Grade Curriculum

  • Individual Reading- M-W-F every week with an emphasis on fluency and comprehension

  • Phonics/Language Arts - parts of speech, rules, and dictation

  • Math Instruction/Math Groups - based on diagnostic testing, levels 3-8th and beyond as needed

  • Literature Study - with a focus on vocabulary and comprehension/ elements of a story

  • Vocabulary - incorporated in daily speaking and writing

  • Spelling - phonetic as well as meaning and grammatical structure controlled spelling

  • Writing - paragraph structure, writing process, various forms of writing, guided research report

  • Science - structured textbook units with assessments/ hands-on labs

  • Social Studies - United States, current events, map skills, memorization of 50 states and capitals, history, historical figures 



  • Developing independence, responsibility, and follow through

  • Development of organizational skills prioritizing

  • Long term projects including planning, process, and problem solving

  • Development of higher level reasoning skills Thinking "outside of the box"

  • Time management and independent working

  • Self-monitor/ task completion

  • Social skills and life skills

  • Love of learning 



  • Morning Care

  • Chess

  • Math Magicians

  • Mandarin

  • Discovery Aftercare

  • Jump Bunch

  • Show Choir

  • Robotics/Coding 



  • Conversational Spanish

  • Vocal Music

  • Art Masterpiece

  • Computers Science

  • Lab

  • Critical Thinking

  • Recess

  • Lunch Period

  • Developmental P.E. (2 times per week) 

Classroom Teachers 

For Classroom Supply Lists, please click on your child's teacher. Our supply lists have been updated for the 2023 - 24 School Year!

3rd Grade

Patty Lira (am) / Julie Devine (pm)

Beckie Tilden (am)/ Patty Lira (pm)

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