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Experience Is Golden!

It is amazing to think that our 50+ teachers have 1,000 years of combined experience, and over 600 of them have been at New Vistas! Our talented and dedicated office and support staff provide additional invaluable experience.

We have an extremely low staff turnover, which speaks not only to the academic expertise of our teachers, but to the fact that we are a 'family of educators', whose goal is to join with your family to create an ongoing program of excellence for your child.  

Administration and Staff:

Carol Elias and Kristi Roher

Director Emeritus

Eleanor Jordan

Reading Coordinator 

Linda McFadyen

Support Staff Coordinator 
Jayme Crowder

Health Coordinator
Barbara Knutsen

Office Assistants
Ruth Beckman, Julie Devine, Richelle Minor, Robin Shioshita, Emily Samano, and Claudia Acevedo

Lunch Supervisor 
Jayme Crowder

Testing Team:

Donna Simon, Kay Baumgartner, Karen Holesworth, Julie Devine, Lori Stoll, and Kristi Roher

Classroom Teachers 



Shilpa Patel

Allison Herrera

Courtney Hart


Lisa Andrews

Madhu Vempati (am) / Carol Schottke (pm)

Yvette McSweeney

Jerica Nelson

Luz Balderas (am) /Jayme Crowder (pm)


Kathy Grismore

Rachel Hollingshead

Nancy McLean


1st Grade

Brynna Hochhaus (am) /Ashlee Moyzes (pm)

Cindy Walsh (am)/ Leslie Hindall (pm)

2nd Grade

Ashlee Moyzes (am) / Candy Hibner (pm)

Linda Fenner (am) / Kelly Moore (pm)

3rd Grade

Patty Lira (am) / Julie Devine (pm)

Beckie Tilden (am)/ Patty Lira (pm)

4th Grade

Niki Rabo (am) / Karen Moy (pm)

Bianca Orlik

5th Grade

Debbie Nesheim (am) / Jean Berlin (pm)

Jean Berlin (am) / Debbie Nesheim (pm)

6th Grade

Stacey Trepanier / Niki Rabo (pm)

Specials and Reading Teachers

Home Program Reading Teachers 
Kathy Badzik, Loretta Bartell, Deanna Dalton, Susan Gnadt, Gail Andrews,
Linda McFadyen, Lorrie Randall, Robin Shioshita, Dawna Robson, Jenny Starr, and Lori Stoll 

Before Care Supervisors 
Jayme Crowder, Kathy Grismore, Aarti Chandak, and Shilpa Patel

Lemonade Lane (Preschool & Kindergarten)
Karen Bland 

Physical Education Teachers 
Aislinn Renteria and Michelle Faulkner

Computer & Robotics Teacher
Paul Ihms

Art Masterpiece Instructor 
Gail Andrews

Music Teachers 
Karen Bland, Pat Neff, Bobby Domings, Melanie Madrid

Science Lab Coordinators

Loretta Bartell, Devi Nagarajan, Harita Penumarti

Spanish Teacher

Claudia Acevedo, Janett Nelson

Mandarin Chinese Teacher (3rd – 6th Grades) 
Cindy Cao 

After School Program Coordinator 
Ruth Beckman

Building Maintenance Coordinator 
Angie Ngirakamerang

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