EAJ Institute

The EAJ Institute provides administration of academic assessment services to students in pre-kindergarten through tenth-grade. These include:

  • Achievement tests in a number of subject areas; such as reading, mathematics, science, mechanics of writing and English expression. These tests determine a student's instructional level in each particular area making it possible to provide the appropriate level of instruction.

  • Diagnostic academic tests which are designed to identify a particular area of difficulty that a student may be having in the learning process.

  • Reasoning abilities tests are also available to assist in identifying a student's potential to perform in certain areas of reasoning such as verbal, quantitative and non-verbal.

Testing is available year-round. Please call New Vistas Center for Education for further information and/or an appointment for testing.  Please call our office and ask to speak with a representative from our Testing Team (480.963.2313).

Email: office@newvistasaz.com

Phone: 480.963.2313 · Fax: 480.812.9207

670 North Arizona Avenue, Suite 35, Chandler, AZ 85225